Institute for Communication Technologies and Embedded Systems

Research Interests

  • Multicore microprocessor computer architectures
  • Modelling and simulation of microelectronic systems
  • Software development for embedded systems
  • Neuromorphic computing systems
  • Number theory, prime numbers and integer factorization


Melvin Galicia received his Ph.D. from Lodz University of Technology, Poland, in 2016. His dissertation's title was "Modelling of multicore processors for the investigation of temperature reduction techniques". He obtained his M.Sc. in electrical power engineering from the National Sun Yat-sen University of Taiwan in 2011. On both occasions he was a scholarship holder from E.U. Erasmus Mundus program and the TaiwanICDF program respectively. His B.Sc. degree in electronics was obtained from the University of San Carlos of Guatemala in 2008. Dr. Galicia has sound experience in the telecommunications industry. He worked as Senior Software engineer at the R&D department of Motorola Solutions developing 4G/LTE core systems for public safety applications. He also worked for Huawei Technologies as an information and communications technology (ICT) service solution manager. Moreover, he worked for Telefónica S.A. telecommunications provider as core and radio network engineer. Dr. Galicia joined the Institute for Communication Technologies and Embedded Systems, RWTH Aachen University, in May 2020 as a postdoctoral research fellow in the Chair for Software for Systems on Silicon.