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NEUROTEC I: Neuro-inspired Artificial Intelligence Technologies for the Electronics of the Future

Galicia, M. ,  Menzel, S. ,  Merchant, F. ,  Müller, M. ,  Chen, H.-Y. ,  Zhao, Q.-T. ,  Cüppers, F. ,  Jalil, A. R. ,  Shu, Q. ,  Schüffelgen, P. ,  Mussler, G. ,  Funck, C. ,  Lanius, C. ,  Wiefels, S. ,  von Witzleben, M. ,  Bengel, C. ,  Kopperberg, N. ,  Ziegler, T. ,  Walied, R. ,  Krüger, A. ,  Pöhls, L. ,  Dittmann, R. ,  Hoffmann-Eifert, S. ,  Rana, V. ,  Grützmacher, D. ,  Wuttig, M. ,  Wouters, D. ,  Vescan, A. ,  Gemmeke, T. ,  Knoch, J. ,  Lemme, M. ,  Leupers, R. ,  Waser, R.
Book Title:
Proceedings of the Conference on Design, Automation & Test in Europe (DATE)
Mar. 2022
The field of neuromorphic computing is approaching an era of rapid adoption driven by the urgent need of a substitute for the von Neumann computing architecture. NEUROTEC I: "Neuro-inspired Artificial Intelligence Technologies for the Electronics of the Future" project is an initiative sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF for its initials in German), that aims to effectively advance the foundations for the utilization and exploitation of neuromorphic computing. NEUROTEC I stands at its successful "final stage" driven by the collaboration from more than 8 institutes from the Jülich Research Center and the RWTH Aachen University, as well as collaboration from several high-tech industry partners. The NEUROTEC I project considers the field interplay among materials, circuits, design and simulation tools. This paper provides an overview of the project’s overall structure and discusses the scientific achievements of its individual activities.