ICE organizes the second version of the hardware security workshop at HiPEAC 2020


Based on the success of SeHAS 2019, along with Prof. Avi Mendelson from Technion, ICE's Prof. Rainer…

New collaborative project "NEUROTEC"


With the project "NEUROTEC - Neuro-inspired technologies of artificial intelligence for the…

Farhad Merchant wins HiPEAC Technology Transfer Award 2019


In the fifth edition of the HiPEAC Tech Transfer Awards, the HiPEAC network has powered innovations…

TETRAMAX meets industrial advisors


TETRAMAX invited the industrial partners of the project to keep the finger on the pulse of the…

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Latest Publications

Führ (Onnebrink), G., Hallawa, A., Leupers, R., Ascheid, G. and Eusse, J. F.: 3D Optimisation of Software Application Mappings on Heterogeneous MPSoCs, in ARCS - International Conference on Architecture of Computing Systems, Mar. 2020, accepted for publication

Schlupkothen, S., Heidenblut, T. and Ascheid, G.: Random field-aided tracking of autonomous kinetically passive wireless agents, in {EURASIP} Journal on Advances in Signal Processing, Vol. 2020, No. 1, Springer Science and Business Media {LLC}, Feb. 2020, 10.1186/s13634-019-0657-x

Copic, M., Leupers, R. and Ascheid, G.: Reducing Idle Time in Event-Triggered Software Execution via Runnable Migration and DPM-Aware Scheduling, in Integration, the VLSI Journal, Vol. 70, Elsevier, pp. 10-20, Jan. 2020, 10.1016/j.vlsi.2019.09.004

The Institute for Communication Technologies and Embedded Systems (ICE) is jointly directed by Prof. Gerd Ascheid (Chair for Integrated Signal Processing Systems, ISS) and Prof. Rainer Leupers (Chair for Software for Systems on Silicon, SSS), who collaborate closely in research and complement each other with their expertise.

Key research areas at ICE:

  • Digital receivers for wireless communication systems: from algorithm to implementation
  • M2M communication systems (e.g. in Cyber Physical Systems)
  • Sensor signal processing and machine learning
  • Hardware and chip architectures for embedded systems and IoT devices, in particular multiprocessor systems-on-chip (MPSoC)
  • Electronic system-level (ESL) design tools for complex integrated circuits and systems
  • Software development tools for heterogeneous multicore architectures
  • Hardware security


Institute for Communication Technologies and Embedded Systems

Chair for Integrated Signal Processing Systems
Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerd Ascheid,
+49 241 80-27880

Chair for Software for Systems on Silicon
Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Rainer Leupers,
+49 241 80-28301

Kopernikusstraße 16
52074 Aachen

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