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New spin-off company roofline from ICE

ICE is proud to announce that a new spin-off company roofline was founded. Roofline has the mission to redefine edge-AI deployment.

AI at the edge is rapidly evolving. Novel models, such as LLMs, emerge quickly and make technological predictions challenging. At the same time, hardware solutions are diversifying and increasing in complexity. Traditional deployment methods cannot keep up with this pace and have become major adoption barriers for edge AI. They come with low adaptability, limited performance, and are painful to use.
Roofline revolutionizes this process with a software solution that offers flexibility, efficiency, and ease of use. Users can import models from any framework and deploy them across diverse hardware with just a single Python call.

The core founding team emerged from ICE’s researchers. Maximilian Bartel, Thomas Zimmermann, and Moritz Joseph will steer the company on its path to ease edge-AI deployment. Many thanks go to the funding support from EXIST Forschungstransfer, SPRIN-D, and the NeuroSys Zukunftscluster at RWTH.

You will find more information at roofline’s website:

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