Institute for Communication Technologies and Embedded Systems

DSP Design Methodologies and Tools


  1. Introduction: Definition of embedded systems; design challenges; design methodologies
  2. System design: System design methodologies; requirements and specification
  3. Instruction sets: Basic classification of computer architecture; assembly language; examples of software assembly instruction-set
  4. Microprocessors: Various I/O mechanism; supervisor mode, exceptions, traps; co-processor
  5. Designing with microprocessors: Architectures and components (software, hardware); debugging; manufacturing testing
  6. Program design & analysis: Design patterns; representation of programs; assembling, linking
  7. VLSI implementation: Importance of VLSI; Moore's Law; VLSI design process
  8. RTL components: Shifters; adders; multipliers
  9. Architecture and chip design: Basics of register-transfer design; data path, controller; ASM chart; VHDL, Verilog overview
  10. CAD systems and algorithms: CAD systems; placement and routing; layout analysi


A written exam will be performed.

Lecturer:  Rainer Leupers

Supervisor:  José Cubero

Type:  Master Lecture

Lecture(2), RWTHOnline

Exercise(1), RWTHOnline

Credits: 3

Course language: English



Lecture: Wednesday, 08:30 - 10:00 from 17.04.2024 to 17.07.2024

Exercise: Wednesday, 10:15 - 11:00 from 10.04.2024 to 17.07.2024