Institute for Communication Technologies and Embedded Systems

DeepAttack: A Deep Learning Based Oracle-less Attack on Logic Locking

Raj, A. ,  Avula, N. ,  Das, P. ,  Šišejković, D.Merchant, F. ,  Acharyya, A.
Book Title:
Proceedings of IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS)
accepted for publication
Jan. 2023
Logic locking is one of the most promising design-for-trust techniques for protecting intellectual property from reverse engineering, IP piracy, and modification throughout the electronic supply chain. However, oracle-less deobfuscation attacks that do not require an activated chip have been successful in obtaining the secret key of locked designs. This requires a detailed determination of the extent of vulnerability available in obfuscated circuitry. In this paper, we propose the oracle-less DeepAttack; an attack on logic locking that is capable of extracting the activation key of the locked netlist using a deep learning model. Based on the evaluation on ISCAS-85 and EPFL benchmarks, DeepAttack achieves an average key prediction accuracy of 93.39%, outperforming the oracle-less state-of-the-art attacks SAIL, Snapshot, and OMLA by 21.28, 10.73, and 3.84 percentage points, respectively.