Institute for Communication Technologies and Embedded Systems

ICE along with Technion organizes 3rd Security Workshop at HiPEAC 2021

ICE and Technion have organized another successful "SeHAS: Secure Hardware, Architectures, and Operating Systems" workshop at the HiPEAC 2021 conference. The workshop included two keynotes and multiple invited talks from top security experts.  A highlight of the workshop were the two distinctive keynote talks, including an in-depth presentation about the influential RowHammer attack (Prof. Onur Mutlu, ETH Zurich) and an analysis of new frontiers of hardware security in the IoT Regime (Prof. Swarup Bhunia, University of Florida). Moreover, multiple talks addressed the challenges and latest news in the domain of reverse engineering, side channel and fault injection attacks as well as future logic locking technologies.


Organizers: Prof. Rainer Leupers, Dr. Farhad Merchant, Dominik Šišejković and Prof. Avi Mendelson (Technion).

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