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DSPACE: A New Space DSP Development

Colonna, A. ,  Piscopiello, G. ,  Errico, E. ,  Tosi, P. ,  Cordiviola, E. ,  Bacci, B. ,  Pii, V. ,  Fanucci, L. ,  Saponara, S. ,  Donati, M. ,  Vincenzi, A. ,  Reiter, F. ,  Nuzzolo, F. ,  Leupers, R. ,  Odendahl, M. ,  Yakoushkin, S.
Book Title:
Proceedings of The International Space System Engineering Conference
May. 2012


The need for a next generation high-performance European space-qualified DSP is well known and several activities have been started by ESA. DSPACE is an EU FP7 project whose goal is to develop a new floating-point DSP core for space applications with a target performance of 1 GFLOPS.

This paper describes the objectives of the DSPACE project and the technical results achieved during the first 6 months of the project.