Institute for Communication Technologies and Embedded Systems

RISCV plus TensorFlowLite Hardware Platform


RISCV processors have gained a good level of maturity in the academia and they are trying to breakthrough in the industry. Attaching  RISCV processors to booming commercial technologies like maching learning software is a very promising idea. The job is to bring to life a realization of a platform, where TensorFlow-Lite framework can be compiled and run in an actual RISCV processor.


  • List and detail the requirements of TensorFlow-Lite to run in a RISCV board .
  • Croscompiling TensorFlow-Lite to run in RISCV ISA.
  • Run AI benchmarks into the platform.


This for sure runs in your smartphone, it more likely does in an RaspberryPi ! are you willing to try in RISCV ?


  • Strong motivation to see your work actually running!
  • A good self learning attitude.
  • Good understanding of microprocessors architectures. 
  • Familiarity with TensorFlow and Artificial Inteligence applications. 
  • Good command of Linux.