Institute for Communication Technologies and Embedded Systems

Collaborative Project: NEUROTEC II

Neurotec II is the consecution of the successful Neurotec I project. Its main motivation is to bring all previously obtained knowledge one step closer to market realization. This time around, the project brings together several partners from industry, Julich research center and RWTH Aachen University to create chip demonstrators that can show the working capabilities of neuromorphic computing.


NEUROTEC II aims to contribute to the neuro-inspired approach to artificial intelligence by conducting basic research and development, supporting technology and initiating translation into a post von Neuman paradigm digital world. NEUROTEC II will explore and demonstrate artificial neural networks and other neuro-inspired computational approaches in novel and newly designed neuromorphic computing hardware and software.


NEUROTEC-II is divided into 6 work packages, 4 cooperation projects with companies and a demonstrator project. The work packages are closely coordinated in order to translate neuro-inspired research into connectable technology for the AI electronics of the future. Neurotec II is founded for a 5 years period by BMBF.

ICE Involvement

Our institute collaborates within the project in two specific work packages: 1- Modeling and Simulation as well as in 2- Security Concepts for Neuromorphic Circuits.  We bring our expertise in software for embedded systems, high level simulations and security analysis to the project.

Feel free to contact us for more details. We are actively looking for new collaborations as well as for students that wish to work their thesis on the neuromorphic field.