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The transport of people and goods is one of the most important components of the German economy.  We are currently in the process of changing from traditional transport to autonomous driving. This transformation will completely change people's mobility habits. To ensure its success, new urban mobility concepts must be developed to integrate the new digital services into urban life. A social transformation process must also be taken: Especially with the introduction of new technologies, innovation management is central and aims to involve citizens in the transformation process right from the start.


Research goals and procedures:

The aim of the APEROL research project is a pilot operation of automated electric vehicles in road traffic and their integration into a global mobility system. On the basis of comprehensive software support, which offers both citizens and companies tailor-made mobility and transport services, the necessary use of resources is optimised. The implementation of the project is divided into three main areas: piloting, software development and project dialogue.

The pilot operation of autonomous vehicles in the project will take place both on test tracks and successively in real city traffic. This piloting will be performed with a vehicle based on the platform of the automated small bus e.GO Mover. The second major topic is software development. In addition to the development of intuitive apps for citizens and the provision of logistic software for companies, the main focus is on the development of algorithms for optimal disposition and route planning of the resources used. The third main topic of the dialogue is the external communication of the project and the resulting exchange. As a new technology field, it is essential for the applications of automated driving to enter into a dialogue with citizens and companies right from the start. In this way, the transformation from conventional to automated road traffic will be a success for all involved.

  • Project Manager: PSI Logistics GmbH
  • Project partners: RWTH Aachen, Trier University - Environment Campus (Prof. Guido Dartmann), City of Aachen, e.GO Mobile AG, MAT.TRAFFIC GmbH, Ergosign GmbH
  • Associated project partner: Internet of Things Expert Group of the National Digital Summit, City of Trie
  • Duration 01.10.2018 - 31.12.2020
  • Grant number 16AVF2134
  • Funding amount of the consortium 4.691.277,00 € (total funding amount of the project consortium over all project partners)

Sponsor Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, within the framework of the "Automated and Networked Driving" funding guideline


Project executing organisation: VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH, Berlin