Institute for Communication Technologies and Embedded Systems


Innovative firmware design : automated, but still optimized for specific applications and systems

Funding by „IKT 2020 – Forschung für Innovationen“ des Bundesministeriums für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF)


Microelectronic components are increasingly taking over central control functions in application areas such as automotive technology, mobile communications and energy supply. The control software (firmware) embedded in the hardware is responsible for coordinating the individual components. Only if the hardware behavior is known and taken into account, operation can be optimized with regard to non-functional parameters such as power consumption and energy consumption.

Objectives and Methodological Approach

In CONFIRM, seven research institutes are investigating key aspects of an efficient, automated firmware design that is specifically designed for the hardware conditions of the system and the intended application scenarios. For this purpose, common hardware firmware models are developed which allow an abstract optimization of different parameters. Based on this, a new design methodology is developed, which can be used to automatically create a firmware adapted to the system configuration and usage profile.

Innovation Perspectives

Depending on the application requirements, performance, power consumption or energy consumption can be optimized by matching hardware and firmware. For example, overheating is avoided and operating times are extended. The automation of the design process allows the development process to be significantly accelerated. This will sustainably strengthen the competitiveness of the German microelectronics industry and its users.