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Design method for asymmetric 3D interconnect architectures with high level models

Joseph, J. M. ,  Bamberg, L. ,  Wrieden, S. ,  Ermel, D. ,  García-Oritz, A. ,  Pionteck, T.
Book Title:
12th International Symposium on Reconfigurable Communication-centric Systems-on-Chip (ReCoSoC)
p.p. 1-8


New 3D production methods enable heterogeneous integration of dies manufactured in different technology nodes. Asymmetric 3D interconnect architectures (A-3D-IAs) are the communication infrastructure targeting these heterogeneous 3D system on chips (3D SoCs), for which design methodologies and design tools are still missing. Here, a design method is proposed following an incremental approach enabled by high level models. Therefore, we present the first simulator and design framework covering the diverse requirements of A-3D-IAs. This includes an abstract model to estimate the application specific energy consumption of 2D metal wires and 3D through silicon vias (TSVs) in an A-3D-IA. It is validated by circuit simulations in combination with an electromagnetic field solver which is used for the extraction of the TSV array equivalent circuit. The model lays on a high abstraction level for fast simulations. Nonetheless, for real data stream scenarios it still shows a small maximum error of less than 8%. Additionally, a mathematical description is presented which enables a fast evaluation of low power coding schemes for A-3D-IA on a high level of abstraction.