Institute for Communication Technologies and Embedded Systems

New collaborative project: ZUSE-KI-AVF

ZUSE-KI-AVF – Anwedungsspezifischer KI-Prozessor für die intelligente Sensorsignalverarbeitung im autonomen Fahren

The project „ZUSE-KI-AVF“ utilizes the scientific expertise of the ICE to design an efficient compiler for an AI-processor. The project is funded by the federal government via the ZUSE-project-call focussing on the development of sustainable, specialised processors and development platforms in Germany. The overall goal of the project is to construct a development environment including simulators, compiler, a hardware description, LiDAR, RADAR and camera applications to manufacture a highly efficient hardware platform in the field of signal processing. The results gained in this project are intended to strengthen the german market of secure and highly efficient processor architectures for modern applications. Industrial project partners intend to manufacture this processor and implement them in their products.

More information about the project can be found here: Colloborative Project ZUSE-KI-AVF