Institute for Communication Technologies and Embedded Systems

Abstract TLM-based Model for on-Chip Interconnect


The number of components in multicore processors and modern System-on-Chips is increasing constantly. On-chip interconnection networks are used for communication due to their excellent scalability. Simulation is one important method for architectural exploration in the aforementioned systems. However, a detailed simulation of the interconnection network is too slow and does offers lavish accuracy. Therefore, more abstract transaction-level models offering better simulation speed are required.


Using exsiting low-level models for on-chip interconnects, higher-level models can be deduced. Here, we will use our existing ratatoskr open-source simulator on cycle-accurate abstraction level to model the interconnect on a transaction-level model (TLM) accouting for the network topology and the network congestion. Performance and power are to be estimated.


Emoung others, these step must be done:

  • Characterize router and network for different topologies under load
  • Deduce latency model
  • Implement model into TLM framework
  • Benchmark against cycle-accurate model
  • Describe power characteristics from RTL and deduce abstract model
  • Evaluate models against state-of-the-art


You will need to have...

  • ... an interest in modelling
  • ... very good knowledge of C++ and Python, good knowledge of VHDL.

In case of interest, please send me an email including the following:

  • Very short motivational letter (4-6 sentences)
  • Latest transcript of records
  • A brief description of your background and CV (if available)