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Intelligence for efficiently electrified and automated driving through sensor networking / Intelligenz zum Effizienten Elektrifizierten & Automatisierten Fahren durch Sensorvernetzung



Intelligent and sustainable mobility is a key objective of the new high-tech strategy. Research on electronic systems for electromobility and automated, electric driving afford significant amounts here. Electronics for automated vehicle guidance make it possible to optimize the route and driving behavior, whereby at the same time the emissions are reduced and road safety is significantly increased. In addition the scope of electrified vehicles will increase. Prerequisite for implementation in city traffic are real-time electronic components for intelligent networking of electrified vehicles.

Objectives and Approach

In Project I2EASE smart electronics systems are developed  for vehicles, which evaluate and merge  information from a variety of sensor systems in order to expand the horizon of perception of a vehicle significantly and to capture the environment of the vehicle reliably in real time the. The developed sensor and Fusion platform can be used  primarily in a variety of vehicles, but also in signal equipment or streetlights. By networking and the fusion of different sensor systems in particular, pedestrians and cyclists in the road can be reliably detected by the vehicle, even in difficult environmental conditions. In this project an automated driving function for electric vehicles is prototypically developed and tested on a test track. The merged information is considered optimal in order to move a vehicle safely and energy-efficient in city traffic. The driving behavior is adjusted by the system so that the energy requirements are minimized and the range of the electrified vehicle is increased.


In I2EASE electronic components are developed that capture the environment even under unfavorable conditions extremely accurate and which allow processing of the data available  in real time. The components are integrated into automated vehicles and link them with the signal system and street lights. Therewith automated, electrified, energy-efficient and safe driving in city traffic can be made extensively available.


01/01/2016  - 12/30/2018  



• RWTH Aachen University, Aachen
• OSRAM GmbH, Munich
• ICE Gateway GmbH, Berlin
• Ebee Smart Technologies GmbH, Berlin