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Synopsys ASIP University Day 2018 - Europe

ASIP University Day 2018 took place at ICE on Wednesday, September 26th, 2018

Application-specific instruction-set processors (ASIPs) are an ideal solution when standard processor IP cannot meet challenging application-specific requirements, and fixed hardware is not flexible enough. As a result, ASIPs have become a third implementation option for modern SoCs, co-existing with standard processors and fixed hardware, with heterogeneous multicore systems now becoming the Standard.

Applications such as 5G new radio, data centers, artificial intelligence, or automated driving assistance have fueled the development of such ASIPs, and have triggered many university projects. Processor design projects such as the RISC-V initiative at UC Berkeley also initiated a lot of interest in designing specialized, application-optimized processor architectures.

At this informal, free workshop the participants learned  more about the exciting options ASIPs offer, and what it takes to develop them:

  • Leading university Teams presented the results from recent ASIP projects
  • Synopsys gave an overview of recent market trends, and why leading semiconductor and system-houses decide to design their own, specialized processors
  • Synopsys explained and demonstrated ASIP Designer, the world’s leading tool solution for ASIP design, verification and programming
  • And of course, there was time to network with other university teams, and the Synopsys application engineers