Institute for Communication Technologies and Embedded Systems

Neureka Advances to Second Round of SPRIN-D Challenge

ICE is proud to announce its participation in the SPRIN-D Challenge for "New Computing Concepts", phase 2 with its Neureka team. Out of 14 international teams in the first round, ICE is one that advanced to the second round of the competition with its proposal to research a disruptive computing concept. The project aims to develop a system-level compiler-architecture co-optimization using emerging computing-in-memory devices for AI at the edge.

The project is in response to the demands of new application scenarios that require fundamentally new computing concepts. The SPRIN-D challenge program sees that current computer architectures are inadequate in meeting the needs of future technology, such as autonomous driving, computer-aided drug development, and intelligent control of renewable energy sources. Edge devices must consume minimal energy to be mobile and useful in everyday life. ICE's proposal for the SPRIN-D challenge focuses on improving latency and power efficiency beyond the capabilities of von Neumann computing. By utilizing emerging computing-in-memory devices, ICE aims to develop a disruptive computing concept that will improve edge devices' performance.

ICE is excited to continue its participation in the SPRIN-D Challenge and looks forward to the opportunity to continue our development of new computing concepts that will change how we interact with AI in everyday life.