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Interns form SOAR Lab. Seoul, Korea

From January until late March 2011, two new interns are visiting the
Chair for Software for Systems on Silicon (SSS). The interns, Mr.
Hyungon Moon and Mr. Seungjun Yang, come from the Software Optimizing
and Research (SOAR) Lab in Seoul Korea, headed by Professor Yunheung
Paek. This exchange has been facilitated by the RWTH Research Fellowship
Program for Korean Graduate Students.

Mr. Moon got B.S. degrees in Electronic Engineering and Mathematics in
early 2010 from the Seoul National University and is now coursing his
master studies. His background in retargetable compilers acquired at the
SOAR Lab motivated his visit to SSS, where he is currently working on
compiler research for source to source transformations.

Mr. Yang finished his B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering in 2008 in
the Seoul National University. He is currently a PhD. Student at the
SOAR Lab where he works on compilers for Multi Processor Systems on Chip
(MPSoC). At SSS he is working on the frontend interface of the MPSoC
Application Programming Studio (MAPS) project.

Similar exchanges have already been done among students from Prof.
Leupers and Prof. Paek. We hope this successful cooperation carries on
in the coming years!