Institute for Communication Technologies and Embedded Systems

ICE celebrates successful performance at faculty football tournament

On 7th July, 2023, students, assistants and staff members of ICE, joined together to participate in the 2023 Electrical Engineering Football Faculty Tournament.
After facing strong opponents in the group phase, the team's fighting spirit allowed them to advanced to the quarter finals!


Some impressions:

"The great goals by Niko Zurstraßen and Vedat Köse gave us our first win! We defended that win up to the last minute by great goal line saves by our defender Rebecca Pelke!" - Lennart Reimann
"By not giving up, our goalkeeper Lennart saved us our hard earned points quite a few times during our matches" - Vedat Köse
"I really enjoyed our win against the IHTA that allowed us to advance to the final rounds
" - Rebecca Pelke
"It was great to see that Lennart was not just an expert in hardware security, but also in Goal Security!!"- Niko Zurstraßen

The ICE congratulates all participants! An additional "Thank you" goes out to Machineware for sponsoring the jerseys.