Institute for Communication Technologies and Embedded Systems

ICE at the Design, Automation & Test Conference 2014

ICE will be well represented at the Design, Automation & Test Conference 2014. It takes place this year in Dresden, Germany from 24. – 28. March, where researchers of the institute will present four technical papers, be present at the university booth and hold a special session on technology transfer.

The special session "Technology Transfer towards Horizon 2020" was organized by Prof. Leupers and will present novel ways of stimulating additional academia to industry technology transfer. In this context, Prof. Leupers will introduce a new European project "Tetracom" with a novel instrument called Technology Transfer Project (TTP) (Tuesday, 11:30 - 13:00).

The four technical papers will present novel work in parallel SystemC simulation, optimized buffer allocation, an ASIP architecture for components labeling in embedded vision applications and the automatic detection of concurrency bugs for improved multicore debugging:

Time-Decoupled Parallel SystemC Simulation (Jan Weinstock, Wednesday, 16:00-16:30)

Automatic Detection of Concurrency Bugs through Event Ordering Constraints (Luis Murillo, Thursday, 11:00-11:30)

Optimized Buffer Allocation in Multicore Platforms (Maximilian Odendahl, Thursday, 14:30-15:00)

A novel ASIP Architecture for Connected Components Labeling in Embedded Vision Applications (Juan Eusse, Thursday, 16:30 -17:00)


The work on parallel SystemC simulation will also be presented at the University Booth by Jan Weinstock on Wednesday from 12:00 to 14:00.