Institute for Communication Technologies and Embedded Systems

The Internet of Things presents new challenges for science and society. Prospective students must master such systems and therefore acquire interdisciplinary specialist knowledge. The figure above shows a typical general structure of a cyber-physical system. Such a system consists of several agents (black blocks) and thus represents a system of systems. These components are networked with each other via various communication channels. The Internet of Things is again a generalization of a cyber-physical system. Here several devices/machines are connected via networks and can also interact physically with each other. Examples are autonomous vehicles, robot systems, smart home and smart city. In addition to knowledge of communication networks, students must also have knowledge of signals and systems and the implementation of these systems in real hardware and platforms. Over the next few years, the Internet of Things will generate large amonts of of data that must be used intelligently for the generation of new business ideas. Therefore, students must also learn concepts of estimation, data analytics and machine learning. In my teaching I would like to give the students a holistic picture of this topic.