Institute for Communication Technologies and Embedded Systems

HW Tracing and Measurement System for the Validation of ReRAM PIM Models


A vast majority of modern computing systems enforce a strong separation between processing (CPUs, GPUs, DSP, DLAs) and memory (DRAM, Flash, etc) units. With the explosion of data-intense applications such as high fidelity real-time multimedia processing and machine learning the boundary between these two elements has become a performance bottleneck. Additionally, the energy cost of moving data back and forth often exceeds that of the computation alone.

By implementing parts of the computation within the memory devices, Processing-In-Memory (PIM) architectures address these fundamental issues. Moreover, memristive devices and Resistive RAM (ReRAM) cross-bars constitute a promising alternative to implement both energy-efficient non-volatile storage media and PIM kernels.


Here at the Chair for Software for Systems on Silicon (SSS), we are developing models and simulation tools to enable the architectural exploration of novel memristor-based PIM solutions. To validate and calibrate our models, a comparison against real HW prototypes is of utmost importance. The goal of this project is to create a custom measuring system for this purpose, consisting of current sensing devices, ADCs and an MCU.


  • Design of a trace and power measuring system for a variety of RRAM XBar prototypes.
  • HW component selection: MCU + ADC + ICs and circuit design.
  • Collaboration with an experienced PCB designer to construct a measuring board compatible with our existing prototypes.
  • Develop a SW platform to record and store the measurements in a standard format.


José Cubero


You will need to have:

  • Knowledge in analog/digital circuit design with integrated components such as: ADCs, MCUs and Muxes.
  • Programming experience with C/C++/Python on MCU/Embedded platform e.g.: Raspberry Pi, Arduino.
  • Interest in computer architectures and power-aware design.
  • (Optional) Knowledge in measurement and test systems.

In case of interest, please send me an email including the following:

  • Latest transcript of records.
  • A brief description of your background and motivation.
  • CV.