HiWi/WiHi jobs for Summer 2021


Chair for Distributed Signal Processing offers multiple HiWi positions to develop laboratory exercises for the course titled Signal Processing for Mobile Communications: Extended Transceiver Design. The course treats parts of the transmitter-receiver chain beyond simple signal transmission and detection covered in an earlier course. The topics include synchronization, channel estimation, error correction coding, etc. The positions are offered for preferably MS students in the Summer 2021 semester.


The students will help develop a web portal that enables remote execution of:

  1. C-based computer simulations.
  2. Hardware experiments with software defined radios.


Dr. Haris Kremo


  • Background in digital signal processing and wireless communications
  • Excellent knowledge of C/C++ language
  • Linux operating system
  • Familiarity with a software defined radio platform such as Ettus USRP, ADALM Pluto, Lime SDR, etc.
  • Experience with JavaScript and Python is preferable

Interested students should send their transcript of grades and CV to jobs-dsp(at)ice.rwth-aachen.de .