HiWi and WiHi job offers

HiWi / WiHi job offers

  • Advanced Matlab Development

    Supervisor: Ahmed Hallawa
    Description: Our aim is to investigate a new line of technology that will enable the exploration of difficult-to-access environments exploiting a risky, highly-novel approach called Phoenix.

  • Hardware-Security: Secure Processor Design

    Description: Here at the Chair for Software for Systems on Silicon (SSS), we are looking into novel ways of securing hardware designs (in particular processor cores) against hardware Trojans, taking the complexity of modern circuits into account.
    Supervisor: Dominik Šišejković

  • Wi-Hi Position: Programming

    Description: The ICE is looking for a Bachelor graduate who will be employed for software development as a half-time scientific assistant (WiHi, 20h per week).
    Tutor: Shawan Mohammed