Development of novel wireless transmission technologies


Next-generation wireless systems are expected to autonomously utilize technologies in a distributed fashion to satisfy the simultaneous delivery of services with stringent requirements that arise in a dynamic way. Designing such autonomous wireless systems cannot be accomplished by incremental changes to present deterministic control and optimization methodologies. It requires a fundamental leap in the system’s thinking by embedding machine intelligence into the temporal wireless infrastructure itself. This means that the infrastructure will become aware of the way it is being used such that it can anticipate actual requirements at the specific moment as well as what is likely to be required later. As such, it will facilitate wireless as a true application-aware platform for a plethora of novel applications.


Here at the Chair of Distributed Signal Processing (DSP) we have several master thesis offers to develop novel wireless transmission technologies (in particular physical-layer design) for modulation/demodulation, optimization, signal design, etc.


We are looking into several aspects of developing algorithms to design novel air interfaces and wireless networking. Some example of the tasks are follows:

  • Developing novel device-to-device radio communications
  • Implementation of the novel signal waveforms and transmission systems such as full duplex communications
  • Combining traditional signal processing and machine learning methodologies for communications
  • Implementation of novel optimization methods for radio resource management


Kenan Turbic via


Depending on the actual task, the following is essential:

  • Good programming skills in C and C++ (object oriented programming)
  • Experience with traditional optimization and machine learning techniques (Python can be learned in a short time)
  • Good understanding of the physical layer processing for communications
  • Experience with ns-3 simulator and implementation in software define radio is nice to have


In case of interest, please send me an email including the following:

  • Latest transcript of records
  • A brief description of your background and motivation
  • CV (if available)