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Signal Processing for Mobile Communications - Extended Transceiver Design


This course extends on the introduction to the fundamental design principles of radio communications from the winter semester. The main focus is on the signal processing techniques for the physical-layer design of mobile communication transceivers. We start with description of nonlinear filtering and distortions such as DAC/ADC and puls-shaping filtering. The communication chain from SPMC-I is extended to include channel estimation and synchronization. The resource allocation in multicarrier communications is presented and expanded with forward and backward channel coding techniques. This course will have a practical approach where communication theory will be presented by design examples through different signal processing techniques. To complement the lectures, we introduce well-defined computer simulation exercises and educational software-defined radio platform where baseband functions are implemented and tested to experience a real-life communication over a wireless channel.

Previous Knowledge Expected

Prerequisite is SPRC from the winter semester.

Recommendation: Signal processing, statistics, probability, fundamentals of digital communications


Overall goal: Gain fundamental knowledge of signal processing tools necessary to develop and implement mobile communication system. The students will be able to describe and simulate a full-chain mobile communication system. After completing this course, the students will acquire the following learning outcomes:

• understand the basic estimation techniques
• understand how to use signal processing techniques in communications engineering;
• understand the relationship between engineering design requirements and real-world operation;

Abilities / Skills:
• use simulation methods to implement different transceiver functions;
• analyze, troubleshoot, and understand the signals at different points of the transceiver.

• during the design of the communication system we select and combine appropriate blocks in different scenarios;
• understand and present the simulation results.

Lecturer:  Gacanin, Haris

Type:  Master Lecture

Lecture(2), RWTHOnline

Exercise(1), RWTHOnline

Course language: English

Link to online lectures: Will be provided on Moodle

Start: Mo 04.04.2022

Lecture time: Mo 12:30 14:00

Exercise time: 14:15 - 15:00