Seminar: Embedded System Design: Hardware Security

Lecturer:  Prof. Rainer Leupers

Supervisor: Farhad MerchantDominik Šišejković

Type:  Seminar

Credits: 4

Course language: English

RWTH Online: link

More information and registration: 

  • The registration meeting will be performed online on 09.04.2020, 18:30h.
  • To get a link to the meeting, please contact one of the supervisors in advance.

Nowadays the semiconductor industry relies on designing and fabricating integrated circuits (ICs) in a globalized multi-player environment. This production ecosystem has led to serious concerns such as intellectual property (IP) piracy, IC counterfeiting and reverse engineering. Furthermore, due to potentially untrusted designers and foundries, malicious modifications of ICs known as hardware Trojans have been introduced. These modifications enable a large variety of attacks including Denial of Service (DoS) and information leakage attacks. Under the hardware security research theme, we aim to cover a wide range of topics in the domain of hardware security. We plan to develop new techniques for the next generation secure hardware architectures and secure software stacks.

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