Project: Institute Project - Programming

Lecturer:  Gerd Ascheid


Type:  Laboratory

SWS: 3

Credits: 3


Course Language: German


A basic communication system will be simulated, including packet-based communication, error detection and correction techniques (CRC, repetition codes), modulation (QPSK) and channel modeling (AWGN channel). An image is used as the information to be transmitted, so that the effects of the different parameters (different correction techniques, modulation encodings and channel SNRs) can be immediately visualized from a qualitative point of view; however, a quantitative measure is also given by computing the bit error rate. The simulator will include a backend, which runs the computationally-intensive tasks, and a GUI frontend, which allows the user to set parameters and see results coming out of the backend; both parts are implemented in C++ according to the object-oriented programming paradigm, with the help of Qt libraries for GUI and DBUS for inter-process communication.

Room: ICT cubes, by arrangement