Courses in Summer Semester 2019


Foundations of Compiler Engineering

Bachelor programme

Lecture (2), Lecturer:  Leupers, RainerRWTHonline
Exercise (1), SupervisorGereon Führ, RWTHonline

Algorithm Design for Digital Receivers

Master programme

Lecture (2), Lecturer:  Gerd Ascheid, RWTHOnline
Exercise (1), SupervisorStephan Schlupkothen, RWTHOnline

DSP Design Methodologies and Tools

Master programme

Lecture (2), Lecturer:  Rainer Leupers, RWTHonline
Exercise (1), SupervisorDominik Sisejkovic, RWTHonline

Electronic Design Automation

Master programme

Lecture (2), Lecturer:  Leupers, Rainer, RWTHonline
Exercise (1), Supervisor: Dominik Šišejković,RWTHonline


Institute Project SSS

Bachelor programme

Project (3), Supervisor:    Róbert Lajos Bücs, Thomas Grass, RWTHonline

Institute Project ISS

Bachelor programme

Project (3), Supervisors:   


Laboratory: "Digital IC Design Lab"

Master Programme

Project (4), Supervisors: Sebastian Birke, Andreas Bytyn, RWTHonline