A joint DSP compiler project of Synopsys, Princeton University, Aachen University and the MIT

    Project Intention of SPAM

    SPAM is a joint research project on compiler design including the following partners:

    • Synopsys Inc., Mountain View, CA
    • Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
    • Aachen University of Technology, Aachen, Germany
    • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

    The project's intention is to develop a retargetable optimizing compiler for embedded processors .

    For more detailed information refer to the SPAM homepage.

    Role of RWTH Aachen

    Research at RWTH Aachen related to the SPAM project covers the field of

    • compiler benchmarking
    • DSP-oriented language extensions to ANSI-C
    • tool support for fixed-point programming
    • compiled simulation
    • optimized code generation for DSP`s

    The following members of RWTH Aachen are involved in the SPAM project:

    • H. Meyr (head of department),
    • A. Ropers,
    • S. Pees,
    • H. Keding


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