Research @ ICE

ICE Research Topics

The major ICE research topics and areas of expertise are listed below. Information about ongoing and completed projects can be obtained via the links of the respective ICE research groups. Many research projects are interdisciplinary and therefore are actually carried out by more than a single group.

Algorithms Topics

  • Multi-cell optimization in mobile communication networks
  • Spectrum sensing for cognitive radio
  • Interference minimization in single frequency networks
  • Iterative receiver processing (channel estimation, MIMO-demapping, decoding)
    • Multiple-iteration optimization
    • Soft-input-soft-out MIMO demapping algorithms
    • Performance-complexity trade-offs
  • Algorithms for flexible transceivers
  • Synchronization and compensation of radio front end imperfections
  • Modeling and Characterization of the Wireless Channel

Architectures Topics

  • Flexible receiver architectures for Software Defined Radios (SDR)
  • Application specific instruction set processors (ASIP)
  • Reconfigurable ASIPs (rASIP)
  • Multi-Processor System-on-Chip
    • Application specific MPSoC platforms
    • Communication architectures (NoC) for mobile transceivers
    • Memory architectures

Tools Topics

  • MPSoC virtual platforms and fast instruction set simulation
  • MPSoC SW programming and debugging
  • MPSoC architecture modeling and optimization
  • Embedded SW performance and power estimation
  • Retargetable C compilers, compiler/architecture codesign
  • Code optimization for embedded processors
  • Application code profiling and code instrumentation
  • ASIP design automation
  • Hardware security and secure processor design