Modeling and Characterization of the Wireless Channel

The performance of communication systems heavily depends on the channel over which communication takes place. In order to allow for an accurate performance prediction of these systems and the used algorithms, detailed knowledge about the channel is necessary. On the other hand, not all the details of the propagation environment are required: It should only contain the information relevant for a systematic design of the communication system and an evaluation of the algorithms. Thus, channel modeling is always the result of a trade-off between a detailed representation of the environment and mathematical tractability.

In order to gain access to realistic channel information, an extensive channel measurement campaign has been performed in cooperation with the Electronic Measurement Research Lab of the TU Ilmenau. The measurement campaign characterizes a typical multiuser and multicell MIMO wireless channel in an urban macro cell scenario for the Long Term Evolution (LTE) standard. Channel sounding has been conducted around 2.53 GHz in 2 bands of 45 MHz. Different base station positions and heights have been used to measure the MIMO channel on a multitude of mobile tracks, see Figure 1.


While wireless channel modeling has made significant progress in the past years, many channel properties of multiuser and multicell MIMO systems are still not properly captured. Examples are the inherent non-stationarity in time, frequency, and space of the channel as well as correlation properties of large scale channel parameters as, e.g., shadow fading. These aspects are, however, highly relevant for the design of wireless communication systems, especially in the context of cooperative networks. Identifying and analyzing the key characteristics of the wireless channel is the focus of this project.


Adrian Ispas


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