Algorithms Projects

Finished Projects

MIMO Systems

Martin Senst, Meik Dörpinghaus, Markus Jordan

Interference Detection and Mitigation

Guido Dartmann, Xitao Gong

Broadcast Aspects for Cellular Mobile Systems (Physical Layer)

Meik Dörpinghaus, Markus Jordan, Martin Senst

RAKE Receivers

Meik Dörpinghaus, Peter Schulz-Rittich, Andreas Senst, Gunnar Fock, Jens Baltersee

Modeling and Characterization of the Wireless Channel

Adrian Ispas

Power Control for UMTS

Lars Schmitt, Meik Dörpinghaus

Analysis of Iterative (Turbo) Decoding Algorithms

Lars Schmitt, Meik Dörpinghaus

Capacity of MIMO Channels with Channel Estimation/Synchronization

Jens Baltersee, Gunnar Braun, Meik Dörpinghaus

Techniques for UWB-OFDM

Niels Hadaschick


Michael Speth, Meik Dörpinghaus

Acquisition and Tracking for UMTS

Meik Dörpinghaus, Lars Schmitt, Volker Simon

Joint Turbo Decoding and Carrier Synchronisation

Susanne Hirschmann (Godtmann), Niels Hadaschick

Digital Microwave Radio Transceiver

Volker Simon, Andreas Senst, Meik Dörpinghaus

Smart Antennas and Space-Time Processing

Jens Baltersee, Meik Dörpinghaus


Meik Dörpinghaus

SMS Retter

Guido Dartmann, Adrian Ispas

HUMIC : Akzeptanzbewertung als integraler Bestandteil von Entwicklung und Ausbau komplexer technischer Systeme. Am Beispiel Mobilfunk.

Andreas Minwegen

Multiuser Diversity

Markus Jordan

Standard Setting Organizations in an Area of Tension between Antitrust Law, Intellectual Property Law, and Innovation

Guido Dartmann, Stephan Dorn, Adrian Ispas

Intercell Interference Mitigation with Multicell Beamforming and Relays

Guido Dartmann

Iterative MIMO receivers

Dan Zhang, Martin Senst

Radio Front-end Imperfections

Aamir Ishaque

Cognitive Manager in Wireless Communication Networks

Huijun Li


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ICE excursion to the University of Kaiserslautern

During May 24/25, 2018 the ICE team visited the University of Kaiserslautern and met the local

ICE spin-off Silexica raises $18m in Series B funding

Investment will fund the further development of a Simulation Platform for software developers in

Best Paper Award at RAPIDO’18

The Paper titled "ESL Black Box Power Estimation: Automatic Calibration for IEEE UPF 3.0 Power

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