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Node and Block-based Development Tools for Distributed Systems with AI Applications

Hauck, M. ,  Machhamer, R. ,  Czenkusch, L. ,  Gollmer, K.-U. ,  Dartmann, G.
Book Title:
IEEE Access
Sep. 2019


Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are one of the most promising anddisruptive areas of current research and development. However, these areas require deep knowledge inmultiple disciplines such as sensors, protocols, embedded programming, distributed systems, statistics andalgorithms. This broad knowledge is not easy to acquire and the software used to design these systems isbecoming increasingly complex. Small and medium-sized enterprises therefore have problems in developingnew business ideas. However, node- and block-based software tools have also been released and arefreely available as open source toolboxes. In this paper, we present an overview of multiple node- andblock-based software tools to develop IoT- and AI-based business ideas. We arrange these tools accordingtheir capabilities and further propose extension and combinations of tools to design a useful open-sourcelibrary for small and medium-sized enterprises, that is easy to use and helps with rapid prototyping, enablingnew business ideas to be developed using distributed computing