Publication: Matlab and the GNU Debugger: A Powerful Duo for Implementing DSP Algorithms? 

Geiser, B. ,  Kraemer, S. ,  Weinstock, J. H. ,  Heese, F. ,  Marco, J. ,  Esch, T. ,  Leupers, R. ,  Vary, P.
Book Title:
2010 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing : ICASSP 2010 / [spons. by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Signal Processing Society. Scott C. Douglas, general chair]
RWTH, Lehrstuhl und Institut für Nachrichtengeräte und Datenverarbeitung
Dallas, Texas, USA,
Mar. 2010


Todays software debugging tools are generally tailored to the needs of programmers and software developers. However, the needs of DSP algorithm designers (data analysis, post-processing, visualization and verification) are only poorly supported. A frequently applied makeshift solution is the manual instrumentation of the source code (e.g. C) for data logging purposes followed by external post-processing. As a more efficient alternative, we propose to extend traditional software debugging tools (e.g. the GNU project debugger GDB) with powerful algorithm analysis capabilities, as for instance provided by Matlab. This idea has been implemented for the integrated development environment (IDE) Eclipse and for GDB. The enhanced debuggers provide, among others, the following features: breakpoints with data transfer to/from Matlab, non-intrusive data sampling, support for user-defined processing scripts and direct Matlab interaction. Even external hardware targets are supported via the GDB remote interface. The efficacy of the new tools is demonstrated in an example debugging session based on representative DSP algorithms.