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3D Optimisation of Software Application Mappings on Heterogeneous MPSoCs

Führ (Onnebrink), G.Hallawa, A.Leupers, R.Ascheid, G. ,  Eusse, J. F.
Book Title:
ARCS - International Conference on Architecture of Computing Systems
accepted for publication
Mar. 2020


Increasing the efficiency of parallel software development is one of the key obstacles in taking advantage of heterogeneous multi-core architectures. Efficient and reliable compiler technology is required to identify the trade-off between multiple design goals at once. The most crucial objectives are application performance and processor power consumption. Including memory power into this multi-objective optimisation problem is of utmost importance. Therefore, this paper proposes the heuristic MORAM solving this three-dimensional Pareto front calculation. Furthermore, it is integrated into a commercially available framework to conduct a detailed evaluation and applicability study. MORAM is assessed with representative benchmarks on two different platforms and contrasted with a state-of-the-art evolutionary multi-objective algorithm. On average, MORAM produces 6% better Pareto fronts, while it is at least 18x faster.