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A Multi-Domain Co-Simulation Ecosystem for Fully Virtual Rapid ADAS Prototyping

Buecs, R. ,  Pramod, L. ,  Weinstock, J. H. ,  Walbroel, F. ,  Leupers, R.Ascheid, G.
Smart Cities, Green Technologies, and Intelligent Transport Systems: 4th International Conference, SMARTGREENS 2015, and 1st International Conference VEHITS 2018, Revised Selected Papers
accepted for publication


In the last decades, vehicular control applications evolved to comprehensive Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) with exploding complexity.
Several simulation-driven approaches can ease their development, e.g., model-based design and driving simulators, which are often limited to functional traits.
To bridge this gap, virtual platforms can be used for accurately simulating the entire hardware/software layer, while validating beyond-functional properties (e.g., task execution times).
Moreover, multi-domain co-simulation standards enable combining such distinct ecosystems beyond tool and model boundaries.
Based on these concepts, this work presents a joint set of frameworks for virtualizing the ADAS prototyping flow via whole-system simulation.
The focus of the work lies in the design of an automotive-flavor virtual platform, ensuring accurate and fast hardware/software simulation.
To highlight the advantages of the framework system, two ADAS applications were prototyped in various configurations.
Lastly, algorithmic and system-level analyses are presented, alongside simulation performance evaluation.