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SDR Waveform Development: Towards Tool Assisted Mapping and Evaluation in the Nucleus Concept

Ramakrishnan, V. ,  Adrat, M. ,  Kempf, T. ,  Castrillon, J. ,  Ascheid, G.Leupers, R.Meyr, H. ,  Antweiler, M.
Book Title:
Proceedings of the SDR'09 Technical Conference and Product Exposition
p.p. 1-18
Washington D.C., USA


Software defined radio (SDR) solutions for mobile devices need to be energy efficient to extend battery life. At the same time, SDR solutions need to support easy portability of waveforms (WFs). To address these contradicting needs of efficiency and WF-portability, a novel concept, the Nucleus concept, has been proposed. The Nucleus concept, which is library based, provides flexibility in implementing a WF by making available efficient implementations for critical components of a WF. Due to the existence of a huge design space in mapping a WF to a hardware platform, tool assistance is highly beneficial, if not mandatory. An important step towards a mapping-tool is to analyze, understand and precisely capture the requirements of a tool in accordance with the Nucleus concept. This paper contributes a methodology for a tool-assisted mapping and evaluation in the Nucleus concept. Various information sources and the information that needs to be captured by the mapping-tool are identified. A two-level evaluation is proposed to enable fast convergence to an ideal mapping efficiently.