Institute for Communication Technologies and Embedded Systems

New Project: Neureka SPRIN-D

To implement our visions for the future - from autonomous driving and computer-aided drug development to intelligent control of countless renewable energy sources - fundamentally new computing concepts will have to be found. New application scenarios also place new demands on computing hardware that can only be implemented inadequately with current computer architectures. For example, to be usefully mobile in our everyday lives, so-called edge devices must only consume a minimum of energy.


ICE participates in the SPRIN-D Challenge “New Computing Concepts” in a competitive landscape with 14 other teams. Within this project, we will research a disruptive computing concept by a system-level compiler-architecture co-optimization using emerging computing-in-memory devices for AI at the edge to improve latency and power efficiency beyond the capabilities of von Neumann computing.


Further information about the challenge can be found at and at