Institute for Communication Technologies and Embedded Systems

New book: Logic locking: A practical approach to secure hardware.

Dominik Sisejkovic (former ICE member) and Rainer Leupers have published a new book titled "Logic locking: A practical approach to secure hardware". The book offers novel insights into hardware integrity protection with logic locking, a prominent hardware obfuscation technique. The core topics addressed in this book are:

  • What is logic locking and how has it evolved?
  • What deobfuscation attacks exist?
  • How to design and implement the software ecosystem for logic locking?
  • How to deploy logic locking to modern processor designs? 
  • What are hardware Trojans and how can we classify them?
  • How to use machine learning in the security evaluation of logic locking?


This book can be used as a reference for beginners and experts alike who wish to dive into logic locking, thereby having a holistic view of the entire infrastructure required to design, evaluate, and deploy modern locking policies.


Link to Springer: