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Miguel Angel Aguilar wins the ICT Young Researcher Award 2017

The profile area "Information and Communication Technology (ICT)" at RWTH Aachen University honored this year Miguel Angel Aguilar with the "ICT Young Researcher Award 2017", for his contributions to the ICT related research. Miguel Angel is a PhD student at the Chair for Software for Systems on Silicon (SSS) under the supervision of Prof. Rainer Leupers. This award includes 3000 Euros for research-related purposes, and it was presented to Miguel Angel by Prof. Stefan Kowalewski, coordinator of the ICT profile area at the RWTH.


The research of Miguel Angel focuses on novel compiler technologies to automatically optimize legacy sequential software for an efficient execution on modern heterogeneous multicore systems. His efforts strive to relieve developers from the hectic and error-prone manual software parallelization and distribution process for multicore systems; thus, simultaneously increasing the design & development productivity and the quality of modern ICT systems. For this purpose he has been developing a parallelization framework that takes as inputs sequential applications and a model of the target embedded multicore system. Then, a model of the application is built by combining static and dynamic analyses. While static analysis is based on compile-time information, dynamic analysis is based on run-time information. This model is then analyzed by algorithms that expose multiple forms of parallelism and offload computationally intensive code sections to accelerators, while considering the characteristics of the target embedded platform. The resultant information is used to automatically generate a parallel version of the application, and to provide source level hints to the developers for an easy understanding of the identified optimization opportunities. This framework has been successfully applied to commercial environments, such as Android based mobile devices and DSP based devices.