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Lukas Jünger wins HiPEAC Technology Transfer Award 2021

2021 marks the seventh edition of the HiPEAC Tech Transfer Awards. This year, Lukas Jünger received the award for successfully transferring  two simulation acceleration technologies to the industrial partner Audi AG. These technologies help to uncover software bugs in embedded systems even before the first hardware prototype is available.

HiPEAC's Tech Transfer Awards recognize successful examples of technology transfer, which covers technology licensing, providing dedicated services or creating a new company, for example. In addition to a certificate, first-time winners are awarded the sum of €1,000 for the team that developed the technology.

For the purposes of the awards, technology transfer is defined as a contractually documented joint- or privately funded academia-industry project or technology licence agreement, with the goal of bringing a concrete research result into industrial practice. All applications are evaluated by an internal technology transfer committee.