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ICE at the 49th Design Automation Conference

With two research papers, ICE will be well represented at this year's Design Automation Conference (DAC'12), to take place in July 3-7 in San Francisco, USA.

The first paper, entitled "Synchronization for Hybrid MPSoC Full-System Simulation", will be presented by Luis Gabriel Murillo. He will talk about several new features and research breakthroughs in the context of the HySim Project. The extensions to HySim enable system-wide temporal and state synchronization, making the HySim technique applicable to realistic embedded software (preemptive scheduling, multi-core synchronization and asynchronous events such as interrupts).

The second paper, entitled "Communication-Aware Mapping of KPN Applications onto Heterogeneous MPSoCs", will be presented by Jeronimo Castrillon. He will discuss a new mapping algorithm for Kahn Process Networks (KPNs) that targets platforms with not only heterogeneous processing elements but also heterogeneous communication architectures. This algorithm together with framework extensions are now integrated in the MAPS Project .