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1st MAPS User Group Workshop (MUG 2011)

On Sep 28/29, ICE organized the 1st MAPS User Group Workshop (MUG 2011) in the UMIC research center. MAPS (click here for more information) is a programming tool suite for heterogeneous multicore architectures that has been developed in the context of the UMIC cluster. It uses both sequential C and a C language extension (CPN) for describing applications in the form of process networks, and it performs optimized temporal and spatial task-to-processor mapping for embedded MPSoC platforms. MUG 2011 attracted more than 20 participants from 15 international companies. The workshop covered an introduction to the MAPS programming model, task mapping and scheduling techniques, C code partitioning and various demonstrations. Moreover, the participants had lots of opportunities for hands-on work with the MAPS tools. MUG 2011 was very well received and provided many new contacts and valuable practical feedback to the MAPS team for its future roadmap.