Monday 13.09.2010 New Book Publication: Handbook of Signal Processing Systems

Bhattacharyya, S.S.; Deprettere, E.F.; Leupers, R.; Takala, J. (Eds.), 1st Edition., 2010, XXXVIII, 1117 p. 200 illus., 100 in color., Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-4419-6344-4This handbook is essential for those involved in R&D in...

Monday 13.09.2010 ISS/SSS visit at Imperial College

ISS/SSS visit the Department of Computing at the Imperial College

On May 26, 2010 ISS/SSS visited The Department of Computing at Imperial College London for a joint seminarin the context of the HiPEAC project. The discussion...

Monday 13.09.2010 EURETILE

SSS is partner of the European FP7 Project EURETILE (EUropean REference TIled architecture Experiment), which has the goal to investigate and implement a brain-inspired massively parallel tiled computer architecture. The focus of...

Monday 13.09.2010 Best Paper Award auf der SoC'09

The paper "A Checkpoint/Restore Framework for SystemC-Based Virtual Platforms"

(ISS/SSS in cooperation with CoWare) has been honoured with a Best Paper Award at SoC'09 in Tampere.

Monday 13.09.2010 Best Paper Award auf der DATE'09


The paper "Retargetable Code Optimization for Predicated Execution"(ISS/SSS in cooperation with ACE and NXP) has been honoured with a Best Paper Award at DATE 2009 in Nice

Monday 13.09.2010 NEWCOM++

ISS participates actively in the European "NEWCOM++" (Network of Excellence in Wireless COMmunications) project, which has the goal to intensify collaboration between the leading European research institutions in the...

Monday 13.09.2010 ArtistDesign (Network of Excellence on Embedded Systems Design)

SSS is a member of ArtistDesign, whose major objective is to promote european research in the field of embedded system design and to push the developement of this new multidisciplinary field.

Monday 13.09.2010 HiPEAC2 (European Network of Excellence on High-Performance Embedded Architecture and Compilation

SSS participates actively in HiPEAC2, which addresses the design and implementation of high-performance commodity computing devices. The objectives of HiPEAC2 are to ensure the visibility of European institutions in the high...

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ICE spin-off Silexica raises $18m in Series B funding

Investment will fund the further development of a Simulation Platform for software developers in

Best Paper Award at RAPIDO’18

The Paper titled "ESL Black Box Power Estimation: Automatic Calibration for IEEE UPF 3.0 Power

Miguel Angel Aguilar wins the ICT Young Researcher Award 2017

The profile area "Information and Communication Technology (ICT)" at RWTH Aachen

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