Wednesday 04.07.2018 ICE excursion to the University of Kaiserslautern

Embedded Systems Workshop 2018

During May 24/25, 2018 the ICE team visited the University of Kaiserslautern and met the local research teams from the Microelectronic Systems Design Research Group  and  the Chair of Electronic Design Automation for...

Thursday 21.06.2018 ICE spin-off Silexica raises $18m in Series B funding

Investment will fund the further development of a Simulation Platform for software developers in multi-partner projects for embedded supercomputers

Wednesday 24.01.2018 Best Paper Award at RAPIDO’18

The Paper titled "ESL Black Box Power Estimation: Automatic Calibration for IEEE UPF 3.0 Power Models" by Gereon Onnebrink, Rainer Leupers and Gerd Ascheid has been honored with the best paper award at RAPIDO’18 (10th...

Wednesday 22.11.2017 Miguel Angel Aguilar wins the ICT Young Researcher Award 2017

ICT Award Miguel Angel Aguilar

The profile area "Information and Communication Technology (ICT)" at RWTH Aachen University honored this year Miguel Angel Aguilar with the "ICT Young Researcher Award 2017", for his contributions to the...

Thursday 05.10.2017 New European initiative TETRAMAX has officially been kicked-off!

kick-off meeting on 19 September in Aachen

With its kick-off meeting on 19 September in Aachen, TETRAMAX (TEchnology TRAnsfer via Multinational Application eXperiments) has now been officially launched! 22 partners from all over Europe gathered here and joined forces to...

Sunday 04.06.2017 ICE spin-off company Silexica is nominated for the German Entrepreneur Award 2017

The award ceremony is on June 20, 2017

Wednesday 12.04.2017 EC selected TETRAMAX for funding, the successor of TETRACOM

We are glad to announce that the EC will grant the H2020 Innovation Action TETRAMAX with €7m for the next four years. Coordinated by ICE, TETRAMAX will build up the #1 European Competence Center in low-power ICT...

Tuesday 29.11.2016 ICE spin-off company Silexica raises $8 million in Series A funding

Silexica Receives Series A Financing Led by Merus Capital

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ICE excursion to the University of Rostock

During May 17/18, the ICE team visited the University of Rostock and met the local research teams

2nd Huawei-RWTH Workshop on Future Wireless Technologies

During April 6 and 7, Huawei and ICE co-organized the 2nd issue of a joint workshop series on

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