Publications of Rainer Leupers

Publications from Feb/ 2019 to Oct/ 2017

Birke, S., Auras, D., Piwczyk, T., Mahlke, R., Alberti, N., Leupers, R. and Ascheid, G.: VLSI Architectures for ORVD Trellis based MIMO Detection, in 2019 International Conference on Computing, Networking and Communications (ICNC) Feb/2019 , accepted for publication ©2019 IEEE

Merchant, F., Vatwani, T., Chattopadhyay, A., Raha, S., Nandy, S. K., Narayan, R. and Leupers, R.: Applying Modified Householder Transform to Kalman Filter, in Proceedings of the International Conference on VLSI Design (VLSID) Jan/2019 , accepted for publication

Merchant, F., Vatwani, T., Chattopadhyay, A., Raha, S., Nandy, S. K., Narayan, R. and Leupers, R.: A Systematic Approach for Acceleration of Matrix-Vector Operations in CGRA through Algorithm-Architecture Co-design, in Proceedings of the International Conference on VLSI Design (VLSID) Jan/2019 , accepted for publication

Copic, M.Leupers, R. and Ascheid, G.: Efficient Sporadic Task Handling in Parallel AUTOSAR Applications Using Runnable Migration, in 24th Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference (ASP-DAC 2019) Jan/2019 , accepted for publication

Onnebrink, G.Hallawa, A.Leupers, R.Ascheid, G. and Shaheen, A.: A Heuristic for Multi Objective Software Application Mappings on Heterogeneous MPSoCs, in Proceedings of the Asia South Pacific Design Automation Conference (ASP-DAC) Jan/2019 , accepted for publication

Buecs, R., Pramod, L., Weinstock, J. H., Walbroel, F., Leupers, R. and Ascheid, G.: A Multi-Domain Co-Simulation Ecosystem for Fully Virtual Rapid ADAS Prototyping, In Smart Cities, Green Technologies, and Intelligent Transport Systems: 4th International Conference, SMARTGREENS 2015, and 1st International Conference VEHITS 2018, Revised Selected Papers 2019 , accepted for publication

Buecs, R.Leupers, R. and Ascheid, G.: Multi-Scale Multi-Domain Co-Simulation for Rapid ADAS Prototyping, in 2018 IEEE Asia Pacific Conference on Circuits and Systems (APCCAS) Oct/2018 ©2018 IEEE

Buecs, R., Marcel, H., Leupers, R. and Ascheid, G.: Multi-Scale Code Generation for Simulation-Driven Rapid ADAS Prototyping: the SMELT Approach, in 2018 IEEE International Conference on Vehicular Electronics and Safety (ICVES) Sep/2018 , 10.1109/ICVES.2018.8519593 ©2018 IEEE

Weinstock, J. H.Buecs, R., Walbroel, F., Leupers, R. and Ascheid, G.: AMVP - a high performance virtual platform using parallel SystemC for multicore ARM architectures: work-in-progress, in International Conference on Hardware/Software Codesign and System Synthesis (CODES) , p.p. 13:1--13:2 , (Piscataway, NJ, USA) , IEEE Press, Sep/2018 , ISBN: 978-1-53865-562-7

Šišejković, D.Leupers, R.Ascheid, G. and Metzner, S.: A Unifying Logic Encryption Security Metric, in International Conference on Embedded Computer Systems: Architectures, Modeling and Simulation (SAMOS) Jul/2018 , accepted for publication ,

Auras, D., Birke, S.Leupers, R. and Ascheid, G.: Reducing the Computational Complexity of ORVD-Trellis Search Based MIMO Detection, in 2018 Workshop on Computing, Networking and Communications (CNC) Mar/2018 , 10.1109/ICCNC.2018.8390383 ©2018 IEEE

Buecs, R., Maximilian, F., Leupers, R.Ascheid, G., Stephan, R. and Hoffmann, A.: OHEX: OS-aware hybridization techniques for accelerating MPSoC full-system simulation, in Proceedings of the Conference on Design, Automation & Test in Europe (DATE) , p.p. 281-284 Mar/2018 , 10.23919/DATE.2018.8342020 ©2018 IEEE

Buecs, R., Pramod, L., Weinstock, J. H., Walbroel, F., Leupers, R. and Ascheid, G.: Fully Virtual Rapid ADAS Prototyping via a Joined Multi-domain Co-simulation Ecosystem, in Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Vehicle Technology and Intelligent Transport Systems (VEHITS) 2018 , p.p. 59-69 Mar/2018 , 10.5220/0006665900590069

Birke, S., Chen, W.-J., Wang, G., Auras, D., Shen, C.-A., Leupers, R. and Ascheid, G.: VLSI Implementation of Channel Estimation for Millimeter Wave Beamforming Training, in 2018 IEEE 9th Latin American Symposium on Circuits & Systems (LASCAS) Feb/2018 , ISBN: 978-1-53862-311-4 , 10.1109/LASCAS.2018.8399977 ©2018 IEEE

Onnebrink, G.Leupers, R. and Ascheid, G.: ESL Black Box Power Estimation: Automatic Calibration for IEEE UPF 3.0 Power Models, in Proceedings of the 2018 Workshop on Rapid Simulation and Performance Evaluation: Methods and Tools , (Manchester, England) Jan/2018

Lücken, V., Voß, N., Schreier, J., Baag, T., Gehring, M., Raschen, M., Lanius, C., Leupers, R. and Ascheid, G.: Density-Based Statistical Clustering: Enabling Sidefire Ultrasonic Traffic Sensing in Smart Cities, In Journal of Advanced Transportation Vol. 2018 Jan/2018 ,

Leupers, R.Aguilar, M. A., Castrillon, J. and Sheng, W.: Software Compilation Techniques for Heterogeneous Embedded Multi-Core Systems, In Handbook of Signal Processing Systems 2018 , accepted for publication

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Aguilar, M. A., Eusse, J. F., Ray, P., Leupers, R.Ascheid, G., Sheng, W. and Sharma, P.: Towards Parallelism Extraction for Heterogeneous Multicore Android Devices, In International Journal of Parallel Programming Vol. 45 , p.p. 1592-1624 , No. 6 Dec/2017 , 10.1007/s10766-016-0479-5

Aguilar, M. A., Aggarwal, A., Shaheen, A., Leupers, R.Ascheid, G., Castrillon, J. and Fitzpatrick, L.: Multi-Grained Performance Estimation for MPSoC Compilers, in International Conference on Compilers, Architecture, and Synthesis for Embedded Systems (CASES) , p.p. 14:1-14:2 , (Seoul, Republic of Korea) , ACM, Oct/2017 , ISBN: 978-1-45035-184-3 , 10.1145/3125501.3125521