Felix Staudigl



Thesis & Student Jobs

Students interested in a BSc/MSc thesis or a HiWi job are asked to make an appointment via email or to personally visit me at the institute.

I can offer student jobs in various fields e.g. C++/C Programming, Hardware Development, Analog Circuit Simulation.

Student Assistants

Student assistants:

  • Hazem Al Indari
  • Thorben Fetz
  • Mohammed Hossein

Bachelor students:

  • Felix Veth

Alumni students:

  • Tharwat Baghdady
  • Ahmet Demirdas
  • Jiayi He
  • Eva Herrmann
  • Marwin Kirchofs
  • Shubham Paul
  • Shubham Paul
  • Anne Pickartz
  • Karl Sturm
  • Huy Truong

Research Interest

  • Neuromorphic Computing
  • Hardware Security
  • DNN Accelerators


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