Research area Distributed Systems at Trier University of Applied Sciences.

  • 02/2018-today: Co-lead of the expert group Internet of Things (Digital Gipfel)
  • 02/2016-today: Professor of distributed systems at University of Applied Sciences Trier .
  • 01/2013-07/2015: Coordinator (Referent) of profile area Information and Communication Technology
  • 09/2012-01/2016: Chief engineer at the ICE
  • 10/2013: PhD thesis examination
  • 10/2007-08/2012: Research assistant and PhD student at ICE
  • 11/2007-09/2011: Industry cooperation with Alcatel-Lucent Deutschland AG in Stuttgart
    Interference coordination and beamforming
  • 09/2007-09/2007: Research assistant (WiHi) at IND 
  • 10/2006-07/2007: Diploma Thesis at IND
  • 10/2001-07/2007: Graduate studies at RWTH Aachen University, Study of computer engineering.